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New Ramblings of the President of FYROM: Alexander’s Grandmother was from Bitola

March 11, 2012

Translated from Greek. Source:, 06.03.2012.

His gratefulness to the Greeks who manage to increase the patriotic sentiment of his compatriots, was expressed by the President Georgi Ivanov.

“We should be grateful to the Greeks. The more they attack us, the more they reinforce our patriotic feelings”, said the President of FYROM Georgi Ivanov.

Speaking to the Austrian newspaper “Die Presse”, which wasfull of Greek subjects, as it hosted interviews with European officials concerning the Greek crisis, answered as followed when asked how he comments on the reaction of Greece to the erection of a statue of Alexander the Great in Skopje:

“We are only respecting the cultural heritage of our country. They accuse us, because we have archaeological sites in our territory. The grandmother of Alexander the Great was born in Herakleia Lyncestis, in Bitola of today”.

Mr Ivanov also accused Greece, that it does not want a solution of the name issue, and asked NATO to allow his country to enter the Alliance next May.

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