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Worries in FYROM from violence between Young Albanians and Slavomacedonians

March 10, 2012

Translated from Greek: Ta Nea, 09.03.2012.

A series of clashes, mostly between school children, in local buses of Skopje have taken place during the last days, some of which have taken the form of clashes between Albanian-speakers and Slavic-speakers.

The most serious of these attacks took place on the night of Wednesday [7 March 2012] when a group of about 15 young men entered a bus and started hitting the passengers without provocation, using metal rods.

Six people were wounded and were taken to hospital.

The Albanian Media of the country claim that the attackers were Slavomacedonians and the victims Albanians.

Representatives of Ali Ahmeti’s party, DUI, part of the government coalition, visited the wounded in hospital.

Emira Mehmeti, Member of Parliament with DUI, declared that, according to all indications the attack was well planned and is very worrying.

The Minister for the Interior, Gordana Jankulovska, declared that there are certain circles within the country that would like to harl inter-communal relations; she also expressed however her conviction that most people in the country do not want this and are ready to contribute to the easing of the tensions.

These episodes come after recent events in Gostivar, where two young Albanians were murdered by a Slavomacedonian police-officer, after a disagreement over a parking space.

This bloody event in Gostivar caused unrest, and mass demonstrations of Albanians were organised in this city.

Furthermore groups of young Albanians caused material damages to buildings housing public services and shops that belong to Slavomacedonian owners.

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