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Delavekouras: “FYROM must stop Negative Propaganda Against Greece”

March 8, 2012

Translated from the Greek original: Kathimerini, 08.03.2012

Mr Delavekouras (older photo)

The continued political will of the Greek side to solve the issue of the name of FYROM was repeated by the spokesman of the [Greek] Ministry of Foreign Affairs Gr. Delavekouras; he observed, however, that in spite of the contacts and the efforts, attacks against the country continue on the part of Skopje.

As he mentioned, Greece considers it of great importance that the negative propaganda in FYROM against Greece stops, which influences the neighbouring country’s public opinion in a negative manner, and which proves, as he said, that there is no real will to find a mutually acceptable solution to the issue of the name.

“Such a solution would be beneficial for both countries”, underlined mr Delavekouras and added “we will be able to advance together toward the European Union”.

“Greece will be a partner, an ally and a friend for FYROM”, the spokesman of the Foreign Affairs Ministry said, adding: “This is our common future and they in FYROM who make negative declarations must at some point understand this”.

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