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Immobility on the Name Issue

March 4, 2012

By Dora Antoniou

Translated from Greek: Kathimerini, 23.02.2012

Mr Nimetz received the message that Greece is willing to respond to any initiative of the Special Envoy of the UN, Mattew Nimetz, that is was willing to contribute to the progress of the negotiations and that it remains active in this process, during his meetings yesterday in Athens with the Prime Minister, mr Loukas Papadimos and the Foreign Affairs Minister, mr Stavros Dimas.However, according to diplomatic sources, the Greek side insisted that these meetings could not be carried out only for communications reasons, and should only continue if there is space for progress in the negotiations. Mr Nimetz, who gave the Greek leadership, according to his own statement, a memo concerning the meetings he had in Skopje, according to information did not appear very optimistic concerning an initiative that could take place in the near future. The Special Envoy did not bring a new proposal, and is not expected to do so in the near future.

During a working meal that the Foreign Affairs Minister offered the Special Envoy, it was made clear to mr Nimetz that a real political will must exist on both sides and that Greece has shown such a willingness with specific movements on its part at the negotiating table, while the other side, apart from verbal affirmations that such a will exists, in essence has done nothing. It was added that a suitable atmosphere was necessary, that would permit the progress of negotiations, an atmosphere that is being undermined by declarations and acts of the leadership of the neighbouring country. Mr Nimetz in his statements mentioned that it is clear that the Greek government was genuinely interested in solving the issue.

In the meanwhile the President of LA.O.S., mr Giorgos Karatzaferis, with a letter to the Foreign Affairs Minister, mr Stavros Dimas, asked that the Assembly took on the obligation to carry out a referandum on any final solution arrived at with the UN negotiations.

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