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Official Complaint to FYROM for the “Funeral of Greece”

February 14, 2012

Translated from Ta Nea, 19.01.2012

Because of the festivities with a character that was provocational and insulting for Greece, part of the “Carnival” of the town Vevcani, the head of the Liaison Office of Greece in Skopje, Alexandra Papadopoulou lodged an official complaint with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the ex Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
According to the press release of the Greek Foreign Affairs Ministry, mrs Papadopoulou strongly objected to the fact that the said Carnival, which receives government funding and was officially opened by the minister of Culture of FYROM, had as a central theme the presentation of the “Funeral of Greece”, with the participants wearing costumes that bore a map of irredentist content and the Vergina Sun, while the also burned the Greek flag.
In the message to the Foreign Affairs Ministry of FYROM it was underlined that not only there was no official condemnation of these festivities, but, on the contrary, the Minister of Culture called it a “diamond of “Macedonian” tradition”.
Mrs Papadopoulou demanded from the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the neighbouring country that it officially and unreservedly condemn these acts and that it take all necessary measures to define those responsible and take all necessary measures to avoid such acts, that do not help the improvement of the relations between the two people and are not compatible with the values of the EU or the principles of good neighbourly relations.

[Note: To this day no answer to the Greek message has been issued by the government of FYROM, nor have the festivities been condemned in any way].


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